Artigianato e Palazzo | ARTIGIANATO E PALAZZO 2018
La Mostra ARTIGIANATO E PALAZZO botteghe artigiane e loro committenze è nata nel 1995, da un’idea di Neri Torrigiani e promossa dalla principessa Giorgiana Corsini, principalmente per rivalutare e rinquadrare ai giorni nostri la figura dell’artigiano e del suo lavoro, considerandolo alta espressione di qualità e di tecnica, legato sì alla committenza, ma insistendo sull’idea di un artigianato per sua natura “moderno”, senza con questo dimenticare l’elemento fondamentale della tradizione.
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Milan, March 16, 2018. The 24th ARTIGIANATO E PALAZZO exhibition (Florence, Corsini Gardens, May 17-20, 2018) gets underway with the history of one of the leading examples of Made in Italy excellence, the “Mostra Principe” dedicated to the Richard Ginori porcelain Manufactory and fundraising for the reopening of the Doccia Museum, recently acquired by MiBACT (Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism).

During the four-day event in the Limonaia Piccola of the 17th-century Corsini Gardens (open to the public for this occasion), the Richard Ginori company will recreate various phases in the creative process through which, daily since 1735, it has produced unique porcelain pieces, with special live demonstrations to reveal to the public a story that has survived to the present day with a rich tradition of know-how, innovation and beauty.

For its part, the Doccia Museum will be the recipient of the major fundraising initiative, “ARTIGIANATO E PALAZZO FOR THE DOCCIA MUSEUM” that Giorgiana Corsini and Neri Torrigiani have decided to launch with this year’s event “so that the priceless collection of the Doccia Museum will once again be open to the public”. 8,000 porcelain, ceramic, majolica, terracotta and lead objects and over 13,000 drawings, engraved metal plates, chromolithograph stones, plaster molds and wax sculptures.

To find out how you can contribute to the fundraising click here.

The new selection of approximately 100 Italian and international craftspeople will be the protagonist of this year’s 24th exhibition. For four days in the orangerie, along the pathways of these magnificent, historic gardens and in the new area, the Orto delle Monache (The Nuns’ Garden), these artisans will provide live demonstrations to give the public a taste of the wealth of knowledge and techniques that make their work unique.
“The hundreds of requests to take part that we have received this year represent an excellent sign of recovery in the artisan sector, because craftspeople are the lifeblood of Made in Italy,” said Giorgiana Corsini and Neri Torrigiani who, for over twenty-four years, have been involved in organizing the ARTIGIANATO E PALAZZO event and in promoting Italy’s artisan heritage.

This year marking its fifth anniversary will be the “BLOGS & CRAFTS – i giovani artigiani e il web” contest for young craftspeople and the web, which spotlights and promotes the creativity and artistic expression of the younger generation. For the first time, the top 10 under-35 artisans, winners of the competition, will be showcased in a special, completely-restored Orangerie where they will be able to work and show their creations. In conjunction, the best bloggers selected for the 2018 event will provide live blogging coverage of the entire exhibition, its craftspeople and highlights. Once again, providing its invaluable support will by the Fondazione Ferragamo, with the collaboration of Starhotels and Source.

Among the initiatives not to be missed is “Ricette di Famiglia” (“Family Recipes”)—organized in collaboration with Richard Ginori, Riccardo Barthel and Desinare—a culinary event coordinated by journalist Annamaria Tossani, which this year will draw inspiration from a number of objects from the past that are housed in the Doccia Museum and little-used today. An opportunity to highlight once again table settings and the fascinating art of table decoration. Every day at 6 pm in the Rose Garden, illustrious guests will offer anecdotes about the history of the objects and will suggest recipes that will be prepared by the chefs of Desinare and then offered as tastings for the public, served on the new porcelain dishes realized for the occasion by Richard Ginori.

In addition, daily at 7 pm, will be “Mani che compongono” (“Composing Hands”)”, a project by cellist and multi-instrumentalist Naomi Berrill who brings together artisanship and music

At the Corsini Gardens, another new element this year will be the food trucks of some of the best in Italian artisan foods for a culinary experience that brings together street food and regional specialties: LùBar; La Toraia; Pescepane; Il Panino Tondo; La Pentolina; Bocconi of Lamporecchio and Vivoli.

Also to be awarded are the “Premio Perseo – Banca CR Firenze” to the exhibitor chosen by the public, and the “Premio del Comitato Promotore” for the stand judged the most attractive by the International Promotion Committee.

For the support of the event, thanks go to the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze, Banca CR Firenze, Fondazione Cologni and Unicoop Firenze.