Artigianato e Palazzo | FAMILY RECIPES with Cordon Bleu and Fornasetti
La Mostra ARTIGIANATO E PALAZZO botteghe artigiane e loro committenze è nata nel 1995, da un’idea di Neri Torrigiani e promossa dalla principessa Giorgiana Corsini, principalmente per rivalutare e rinquadrare ai giorni nostri la figura dell’artigiano e del suo lavoro, considerandolo alta espressione di qualità e di tecnica, legato sì alla committenza, ma insistendo sull’idea di un artigianato per sua natura “moderno”, senza con questo dimenticare l’elemento fondamentale della tradizione.
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FAMILY RECIPES with Cordon Bleu and Fornasetti

FAMILY RECIPES with Cordon Bleu and Fornasetti








16/19 September 2021



FI|13|07|21                   At a time of renewal, save the date for FAMILY RECIPES – coordinated by food writer Annamaria Tossani – in cooperation with the School of Culinary Arts Cordon Bleu of Florence – the oldest academy of its kind in Tuscany – which, this year, for the first time will have a partner, the Atelier Fornasetti, whose excellence in design and decoration is acknowledged throughout the world.

In the event-packed calendar of the 27th edition of ARTIGIANATO E PALAZZO botteghe artigiane e loro committenze – the Exhibition promoted by the Associazione Giardino Corsini scheduled from Thursday 16 to Sunday 19 September 2021 at the Giardino Corsini in Florence – FAMILY RECIPES will travel back into history, examining the evolution of customs and food culture of our country also through the attentive and inquisitive observation of important works of art.

Directors of important Italian Museums will exchange ideas on the topic of discussion every day at 6pm in the Giardinetto delle Rose. They will propose recipes inspired by famous works of art or family memories, providing an opportunity for reflection on the recent phenomenon of Museum restaurants serving Haute Cuisine.

The preparation of their dishes will be entrusted to the culinary instructors of the School of Culinary Arts Cordon Bleu and carried out live in the kitchen set up by Riccardo Barthel.

At the end of each showcooking session, the public will be invited to taste the results of each culinary experiment served on the exclusive Fornasetti porcelain plates from the “Theme and Variations” series, finely decorated by hand.

And the ARTIGIANATO E PALAZZO exhibition is dedicating an exhibition area to the FOOD sector at the Orto delle Monache (nuns’ vegetable garden) where visitors can meet some of the best artisans of the Italian taste for a culinary experience dedicated to traditions, such as Lorenzo Nigro’s lampredotto and Erba del Chianti‘s hemp, cultivated with same passion as former times; and a more contemporary experience of street food thanks to Nura and La Tigellaia Matta. Also in the Giardino Corsini there will be hand-crafted ice cream by Vivoli; the Sicilian fish products of De Gustibus; citrus marmalade and fruit syrups from the Marchesi di San Giuliano farm: the artisanal bakery products of Danieli – Il Forno delle Puglie and the special coffee of the Ditta Artigianale.


Thursday 16 SeptemberStefano Casciu, Director of the Polo Museale (Museum Network) of Tuscany will present Apple Strudel with reference to the still lifes of the Tuscan painter, Bartolomeo Bimbi (Settignano 1648- Florence 1729) – for which he curated the catalogue for the Turin exhibition “Bartolomeo Bimbi. Eccentric nature” – which are a valuable source of scientific documentation on the local products at the time of the Medici: “Bimbi illustrated vegetables, fruit and plants that stand out for their extraordinary or exceptional features, their size, eccentric shape or exotic origin, which were to decorate the rooms of the rustic villa ‘La Topaia’, built close to the Vineyards of the Grand Duke.”.

Friday 17 September the name of the Museum Director will be disclosed in September

Saturday 18 September – Martina Bagnoli, Director of the Gallerie Estensi will present “ll mondo a casa. Di nature morte e piatti orientali” (The world at home. Of still lifes and oriental dishes), a Korean recipe for Bo Ssam – slow-cooked roast pork – inspired by two Still Lifes by Cristoforo Munari (Reggio Emilia 1667 – Pisa 1720) from the collection of the Galleria Estense.


Sunday 19 SeptemberJames M. Bradburne, Director General of the Pinacoteca di Brera will present his recipe entitled “O sole mio” – consisting of fillet of sole, raw prawns and courgettes – which corresponds to his vision of light but nourishing cooking. He will speak about the relationship between art and food culture from an entrepreneurial perspective, with reference to the opening of a restaurant inside the Museum.


Sabina Corsini, Chair of the Associazione Giardino Corsini and Neri Torrigiani, creator and organiser of ARTIGIANATO E PALAZZO

“The theme chosen for our events this year serves to highlight the many opportunities that will open up in the near future for the “Master Artisans of the Culinary Arts”, in which museums will play a decisive role. Because although it is true that the products of the earth have always been a source of inspiration for art, it is less well known that these paintings are also a precious treasure trove for the rediscovery of ingredients and age-old recipes”.

Annamaria Tossani coordinator of “Family Recipes”

“This year’s format for FAMILY RECIPES is designed to provoke meditation on the need for the catering services inside Italian Museums to reflect the beauty of their surroundings, so that they too become cultural ambassadors of our country.”.

Gabriella Mari, director and co-founder of the School of Culinary Arts Cordon Bleu of Florence

We are delighted to take part in this wonderful initiative involving our city. 

As Director and co-founder of a School of Culinary Arts – in actual fact the oldest cooking school still in operation in Italy – I am proud to take part in this project coordinated by my friend Annamaria Tossani, which totally embraces the idea that we have always championed: food is culture and art! Culture and tradition handed down from generation to generation that tell our story, what we are, our traditions, and propelling us towards the future.

What we teach in our school, both in the amateur courses and in the professional and academic ones, is exactly this: how to learn from the past while projecting ourselves towards the future, without losing our cultural and local identity“.

Barnaba Fornasetti, artistic director of Atelier Fornasetti

Our participation confirms our lifelong commitment to the promotion of know-how and hand-crafted products, which we consider to be humanistic values. Fornasetti is in itself an expression of high artistic craftsmanship and what I like to call ‘thinking with your hands’. Over the years, it has always remained faithful to its mission and its handicraft-based model, which means the passing on of know-how and freedom to create. This makes it possible to create useful, long-lasting objects that elevate the imagination.”.

The Exhibition ARTIGIANATO E PALAZZO is organised and promoted by the Associazione culturale Giardino Corsini – chaired by Sabina Corsini – in collaboration with Neri Torrigiani; it brings together every year a new selection of Italian and foreign master craftspeople, bearers of knowledge linked to tradition and innovation: potters, glass grinders, silver embossers and goldsmiths, carvers, restorers, luthiers, tailors, hard stone and wood inlayers, straw weavers, designers and much more besides.

The Associazione Giardino Corsini is a non-profit cultural association committed to promoting and preserving the quality of artisan excellence, the value of what is made by hand and the wealth of knowledge and skill that every master craftsperson—the heart of Made in Italy—passes on, generation-to-generation.

2021 Promotion Committee

Stefano Aluffi Pentini, Jean Blanchaert, Benedikt Bolza, Marcantonio Brandolini d’Adda, Fausto Calderai, Nicolò Castellini Baldissera, Chiara Stella Cattana, Matteo Corvino, Maria de’ Peverelli Luschi, Costantino D’Orazio, Elisabetta Fabri, Maria Sole Ferragamo, Drusilla Foer, Bona Frescobaldi, Alessandra Galtrucco, Francesca Guicciardini, Alvar Gonzales Palacios, Ferruccio Laviani, Federico Marchetti, Alessia Margiotta Broglio, Martino di Napoli Rampolla, Carlo Orsi, Beatrice Paolozzi Strozzi, Clarice Pecori Girladi, Natalie Rucellai, Maria Shollenbarger, Luigi Settembrini, Guido Taroni, Simone Todorow

The School of Culinary Arts Cordon Bleu is the oldest culinary academy in Tuscany. With more than 35 years of activity behind it, it organises academic, professional and amateur courses offering various training courses thanks to state-of-the-art classrooms and cutting edge equipment. In recent years, academic activity has come to the forefront with a Master’s Degree in Culinary Arts and Science and a Higher Diploma in Culinary Arts and Science in collaboration with the online Università Telematica IUL of Florence. There is also a three year Bachelor Degree Course in Italian Culinary Arts, recognised by EABHES (European Accreditation Board of Higher Education Schools). To complete the academic offering, in cooperation with the Università Telematica IUL and the international Italian food and wine magazine So Wine So Food, a 1st level Master’s degree in Food and Wine Journalism is taught.

Fornasetti is an atelier for the design and decoration of finely crafted furniture and accessories. Its production ranges from furniture to furnishing accessories and porcelain. It was founded in Milan in the 1940s by Piero Fornasetti, a versatile and eclectic artist, characterised by an unstoppable creative flair that made him one of the most prolific figures of the 20th century.

Barnaba Fornasetti, Artistic Director and conservator of his father Piero’s legacy, has managed the company for the last thirty years with courageous and unconventional choices that have raised it to its current level of vitality and international renown.



27th edition

16/19 September 2021

Open 10 am – 7.30 pm


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We would like to thank the School of Culinary Arts Cordon Bleu for organising the exhibition’s inaugural cocktail party and the ARTIGIANATO E PALAZZO Promotion Committee lunch.