Artigianato e Palazzo | Family Recipes
La Mostra ARTIGIANATO E PALAZZO botteghe artigiane e loro committenze è nata nel 1995, da un’idea di Neri Torrigiani e promossa dalla principessa Giorgiana Corsini, principalmente per rivalutare e rinquadrare ai giorni nostri la figura dell’artigiano e del suo lavoro, considerandolo alta espressione di qualità e di tecnica, legato sì alla committenza, ma insistendo sull’idea di un artigianato per sua natura “moderno”, senza con questo dimenticare l’elemento fondamentale della tradizione.
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Family Recipes

Family Recipes


Among the highly successful events created around the exhibition is “Family Recipes”, coordinated by food writer Annamaria Tossani.

It is an idea that also involves the culinary arts with the goal of highlighting and promoting the close link between contemporary food culture and that of old family recipes and traditional wisdom.

It involves daily encounters dedicated to Italy’s food culture.

As the guests talk, famous chefs offer their versions of a number of “old” recipes from a contemporary standpoint, preparing them in front of an ever-larger and curious audience.

“Family Recipes” is a “satellite” event of ARTIGIANATO E PALAZZO that was created in 2014 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the exhibition, and the coming edition is being held for the eighth time.



At a time of renewal, save the date for FAMILY RECIPES – coordinated by food writer Annamaria Tossani – in cooperation with the School of Culinary Arts Cordon Bleu of Florence – the oldest academy of its kind in Tuscany – which, this year, for the first time will have a partner, the Atelier Fornasetti, whose excellence in design and decoration is acknowledged throughout the world.

FAMILY RECIPES will travel back into history, examining the evolution of customs and food culture of our country also through the attentive and inquisitive observation of important works of art.



Directors of important Italian Museums will exchange ideas on the topic of discussion every day at 6pm in the Giardinetto delle Rose. They will propose recipes inspired by famous works of art or family memories, providing an opportunity for reflection on the recent phenomenon of Museum restaurants serving Haute Cuisine.

The preparation of their dishes will be entrusted to the culinary instructors of the School of Culinary Arts Cordon Bleu and carried out live in the kitchen set up by Riccardo Barthel.

At the end of each showcooking session, the public will be invited to taste the results of each culinary experiment served on the exclusive Fornasetti porcelain plates from the “Theme and Variations” series, finely decorated by hand.



Thursday 16 SeptemberStefano Casciu, Director of the Polo Museale (Museum Network) of Tuscany will present Apple Strudel with reference to the still lifes of the Tuscan painter, Bartolomeo Bimbi (Settignano 1648- Florence 1729) – for which he curated the catalogue for the Turin exhibition “Bartolomeo Bimbi. Eccentric nature” – which are a valuable source of scientific documentation on the local products at the time of the Medici: “Bimbi illustrated vegetables, fruit and plants that stand out for their extraordinary or exceptional features, their size, eccentric shape or exotic origin, which were to decorate the rooms of the rustic villa ‘La Topaia’, built close to the Vineyards of the Grand Duke.”.


Friday 17 September the name of the Museum Director will be disclosed in September


Saturday 18 September – Martina Bagnoli, Director of the Gallerie Estensi will present “ll mondo a casa. Di nature morte e piatti orientali” (The world at home. Of still lifes and oriental dishes), a Korean recipe for Bo Ssam – slow-cooked roast pork – inspired by two Still Lifes by Cristoforo Munari (Reggio Emilia 1667 – Pisa 1720) from the collection of the Galleria Estense.


Sunday 19 SeptemberJames M. Bradburne, Director General of the Pinacoteca di Brera will present his recipe entitled “O sole mio” – consisting of fillet of sole, raw prawns and courgettes – which corresponds to his vision of light but nourishing cooking. He will speak about the relationship between art and food culture from an entrepreneurial perspective, with reference to the opening of a restaurant inside the Museum.

Family Recipes PhotoGallery


Relais & Chateaux Il Falconiere, Cortona: “Ristorante il Falconiere” – Chef Silvia Baracchi
Belmond Villa San Michele, Fiesole: “Ristorante la Loggia” – Chef Alessandro Cozzolino
Helvetia & Bristol, Firenze: “Restaurant Bristol Winter Garden” – Chef Pasquale D’Ambrosio
The St Regis Florence, Firenze: “The Winter Garden restaurant” – Chef Gentian Shehi


In collaboration with Riccardo Barthel


Ludmila Musatova , producer and food-stylist, Ginevra Nistri, Desinare chef
Gleb Smirnov, art historian, Maria Valiani, Desinare chef
Galia Shabanova, artist,Cristian Giorni, Desinare chef
Anne Worontzoff-Weliaminoff, linguist, Enrica Della Martira, Desinare chef


Supplied by: Vodka Tovaritch, VKA, Vodka Deus

Partner: Manifattura Richard Ginori

In collaboration with: Riccardo Barthel, Desinare


The Appointments:
Drusilla Foer, actress and singer, Michela Starita, Desinare chef
Luca Calvani, actor, Enrica della Martira, Desinare chef
Annie Féolde, chef, Arturo Dori, Desinare chef
Serra Yilmaz, actress, Cristian Giorni, Desinare chef


Partner: Manifattura Richard Ginori

In collaboration with: Riccardo Barthel, Desinare

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The Appointments:
Edoardo Agresti, photographer and Cristian Giorni, Desinare chef
Simona Giordano, flower designer and Maria Valiani, Desinare chef
Eva Desiderio, journalist and Cristian Giorni, Desinare chef
Ricette di Famiglia” with the winners of the contest “Una torta per sognare” Ginevra Nistri, Desinare chef


Partner: Manifattura Richard Ginori

In collaboration with: Riccardo Barthel, Desinare


The Appointments:
Opere/Works (Cinquesensi Editore) of Gualtiero Marchesi  with Giorgiana Corsini
Gli Aristopiatti (Guido Tommasi Editore) of Lydia Capasso and Giovanna Esposito with Orçun Malkoclar
111 ricette italiane che devi saper cucinare (Emons Editore) of Luisanna Messeri with Zefiro Ciuffoletti
Taste archaeology. Campagna di scavi gastronomici nelle ricette della nostra storia (Pacini Editore) of Licia Montagnani with Luciano Zazzeri


Partner: Manifattura Richard Ginori

In collaboration with: Riccardo Barthel, Desinare


The Appointments:
Ricette di Famiglia. La storia di una Famiglia nobile emiliana raccontata attraverso la cucina (In Magazine) from Mariavittoria Andrini with Caterina Piccolomini del Mandolo
My Kitchen in Tuscany (Rizzoli) from Aurora Baccheschi Berti with Rossella Rossi and Costantino della Gherardesca
Bugie e verità in cucina (Giunti) from Beppe Bigazzi with Emanuela Notarbartolo di Sciara
Cuochi si diventa. Le mille ricette di Allan Bay (Universale Economica Feltrinelli) from Allan Bay with Sara Guadagnoli


Partner: Manifattura Richard Ginori

In collaboration with: Riccardo Barthel, Desinare


The Appointments:
La mia Sicilia in cucina from Fabrizia Lanza with Marco Stabile
Essenze di Felicità from Antonella Martinelli with Alessandro Circiello
Sapori Di Versi from Livia Aymonino with Cristiano Tomei
Fornelli d’Italia from Stefania Barzini with Beatrice Segon


Partner: Manifattura Richard Ginori

In collaboration with: Riccardo Barthel, Desinare