Artigianato e Palazzo | La Raccolta Fondi
Il progetto “ARTIGIANATO E PALAZZO PER IL MUSEO DI DOCCIA”, la prima raccolta fondi organizzata nel 2018 durante la XXIV edizione della Mostra e dedicata all’Associazione Amici di Doccia per la riapertura del Museo Richard Ginori di Doccia, ha avuto dei risultati ottimi dei quali siamo molto orgogliosi. Per questo seguiranno numerose altre raccolte fondi
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The fundraising

The Associazione Giardino Corsini organizes every year a fundraising campaign to promote the Florentine cultural heritage. The fundraising is open to the public and the sponsoring businesses.


  • In 2018, the campaign “ARTIGIANATO E PALAZZO FOR THE MUSEO DI DOCCIA” raised 50.000 euros to enable the reopening of the Manifattura Richard Ginori Porcelain Museum in Doccia. The funds have been used for the restoration of several statues of the collection thanks to the support of Amici di Doccia Association. 



  • For the 25th edition, in 2019, the campaign “ARTIGIANATO E PALAZZO: MEMORIES OF RUSSIA IN FLORENCE” was dedicated to the urgent restoration and preservation of some of the works of art dear to the Russian community which, throughout the 19th century and early 20 century embellished Florence with residences, churches and artistic collections. The funds raised (40.000 euros) were donated to the three subjects involved: the Evangelical Cemetery agli Allori, the Church of the Nativity of Christ and Saint Nicholas the Thaumaturge and the Stibbert Museum.



  • “ARTIGIANATO E PALAZZO: GIAMBOLOGNA AND MORGAN LE FAY” raised 30,000 euros in 2020 and in 2021. The sum in favor of the monumental complex of the “Fonte della Fata Morgana” in Bagno a Ripoli made it possible to make the cast of the statue originally made by Giambologna, to be relocated in the place for which it was designed. The rest of the amount will contribute to the restoration of the entire complex of the “Fonte della Fata Morgana”, also known by the locals as “Casina delle Fate”.


Strengthened by these experiences, we are sure to have identified a new project for the next edition that can be supported by the Corsini Garden Association with the same satisfaction.