Family Recipes

previous editions

Family Recipes

previous editions

10th edition 2023

The 10th edition of “Ricette di Famiglia”, curated by food and wine journalist Annamaria Tossani, will be dedicated to the union of gastronomic culture and lyricism.

Special guests, leading performers of our time, will be soprano Rajna Kabaivanska, Superintendent of the Arena di Verona Foundation as well as soprano Cecilia Gasdia, mezzo-soprano Eufemia Tufano, and baritone Vito Priante.

The three daily appointments were held at 6 p.m. in the “Rose Garden,” in a theatrical atmosphere thanks to Fornasetti‘s “Theater” by Cole & Son. wallpaper set-up and listening to live and recorded speeches of operatic pieces.

The audience will have the opportunity to witness live cooking of the recipes prepared on a professional Inox Metal kitchen by the chefs from Università della Cucina Italiana, directed by Guido Mori. The university offers various educational paths in the field of Culinary Arts and Sciences, Bakery and Pastry Arts, and Food and Wine Journalism.

9th edition 2022

FAMILY RECIPES 2022 titled this year “Crime is Served!” featured four of Italy’s leading mystery writers and more.

Patrizia Debicke Van Der Noot
Lucius Nocentini
Marco Vichi
Enzo Fileno Carabba

Through their stories they told us about how the inspiration for a mystery book comes about and the secrets of creating suspense, right up to the resolution of the case. But most importantly, the recipes that featured their characters at the stove, thus creating a diversion and a window into their daily lives.

The recipes recounted in the books were made live by chefs from the Cordon Bleu Florence School of Culinary Art on the professional kitchen set up by CASTA Professional Cooking Equipment and served to attendees in exclusive Fornasetti porcelain plates from the finely hand-decorated “Theme and Variations” series.

8th edition 2021

In collaboration with School of Culinary Arts “Cordon Bleu” Florence, Iul, Fornasetti and Riccardo Barthel

“Family Recipes 2021” was a journey through the history, evolution of customs and gastronomic culture of our country also through the careful and curious observation of important works of art.

Discussing the topic were the directors of several major Italian Museums who offered recipes inspired by famous works or family memories that became an opportunity for reflection on the recent phenomenon of Haute Cuisine entering Museums.
The preparation of their dishes was entrusted to teachers-chefs from the Cordon Bleu School of Culinary Arts and carried out live in the kitchen set up by Riccardo Barthel.

At the end of each showcooking, the audience tasted the result of each culinary experiment in the exclusive Fornasetti porcelain plates from the finely hand-decorated “Theme and Variations” series.

Stefano Casciu Polo Museale della Toscana, Florence
Francesca Cappelletti Borghese Gallery, Rome
Martina Bagnoli Gallerie Estensi, Modena
James Bradburne Pinacoteca di Brera, Milan

7th edition 2020

Relais & Chateaux Il Falconiere, Cortona: “Ristorante il Falconiere
Belmond Villa San Michele, Fiesole: “Restaurant la Loggia
Helvetia & Bristol, Florence: “Restaurant Bristol Winter Garden
The St Regis Florence, Florence: “The Winter Garden Restaurant

The common thread of “Family Recipes” was the myth of beauty, the magic of hospitality in which Bernardo de’ Vecchietti used to lavish in his family villa built for “leisure and rest” in the countryside of Bagno a Ripoli.

Sumptuous old mansions, transformed over time into luxury hotels, now tell the story of the art of receiving, of knowing how to fascinate and bind a vacation and stay to a dream. And the gastronomic experience definitely represents the most intense and lasting memory in guests’ memories.

Four wonderful Hotels-and their restaurants-were the stars of this edition with their novel recipes related to the Fata Morgana myth and the fantasy world it evokes.

The Fata Morgana belongs to Celtic mythology – goddess of water that regenerates, purifies and impersonates the phenomenon of mirage – and Giambologna dedicated the statue in the Fountain Nymphaeum of the splendid 16th-century villa “Il Riposo” to her.

6th Edition 2019

In collaboration with Richard Ginori, Desinare and Riccardo Barthel

In this edition, “Family Recipes” focused on presenting to the public traditional Russian recipes related to family memories of international personalities.

Liudmila Musatova producer and food-stylist
Gleb Smirnov internationally renowned art historian
Galia Shabanova artist and descendant of a prominent Moscow family
Anne Worontzoff-Weliaminoff linguist and lay representative of the Russian Orthodox Church of Florence

This year also saw the return of cookbook events: presentations of the latest works by Livia Aymonino, Lucia Celli and Luisanna Messeri.

5th edition 2018

In collaboration with the Manufacture of Historic Florentine Porcelain Richard Ginori, Desinare and Riccardo Barthel

In this edition, “Family Recipes” dealt with “Family Objects.”

In the windows of every home or in the attic are hidden or preserved small treasures from the time that was dedicated to the art of receiving or simply used in family meals and whose history has been lost.

With the help of the Friends of Doccia, it was decided to remember some of them by presenting with a card the most significant specimen in the Museum and telling its story through the centuries.

The audience had the opportunity to see a recipe made by Desinare chefs in a way that suggested a modern use of such an object, and the guest of honor told memories and anecdotes related to his home lunches from time to time.

Salad Crescent: Drusilla Foer actress and singer – Michela Starita chef
Giara da sorbetto: Luca Calvani actor – Enrica della Martira chef
Single salt cellar: Annie Feolde chef – Arturo Dori chef
Puerpera mug: Serra Yilmaz actress – Cristian Giorni chef

4th edition 2017

In collaboration with the Manufacture of Historic Florentine Porcelain Richard Ginori and Desinare by Riccardo Barthel

Four meetings presented by Annamaria Tossani during which anecdotes and curiosities were narrated while reconstructing the evolution of our society, from the influences of a centuries-old tradition where we were inspired, even in the peasant civilization, by the narration of royal marriages, to today’s imitation of the Hollywood film genre, which, moreover, originates from the same tradition exported overseas by European emigrants.

3rd edition 2016

In collaboration with the Manufacture of Historic Florentine Porcelain Richard Ginori and Riccardo Barthel

Opere/Works (Cinquesensi Editore) by Gualtiero Marchesi with Gualtiero Marchesi and Giorgiana Corsini
The Aristopiatti (Guido Tommasi Editore) by Lydia Capasso and Giovanna Esposito with Lydia Capasso and Orcun Malkoclar
111 Italian Recipes You Must Know How to Cook (Emons: Publisher) by Luisanna Messeri with Luisanna Messeri and Zeffiro Ciufoletti
Taste archaelogy (Pacini Publisher)
Gastronomic excavation campaign in the recipes of our history with Licia Montagnani and Luciano Zazzeri

2nd edition 2015

In collaboration with the Manufacture of Historic Florentine Porcelain Richard Ginori and Officine Gullo

Family Recipes. The story of a noble Emilian Family told through the kitchen (In Magazine) by Mariavittoria Andrini with Caterina Piccolomini del Mandolo
My Kitchen in Tuscany (Rizzoli) by Aurora Baccheschi Berti with Rossella Rossi and Costantino della Gherardesca
Lies and Truth in the Kitchen (Giunti) by Beppe Bigazzi with Emanuela Notarbartolo di Sciara
Chefs become chefs. Allan Bay’s Thousand Recipes (Universale Economica Feltrinelli) with Sara Guadagnoli

1st edition 2014

In collaboration with Officine Gullo

My Sicily in the kitchen by Fabrizia Lanza with Filippo Saporito
Essences of Happiness by Antonella Martinelli with Alessandro Circiello
Flavors Of Verse by Livia Aymonino with Cristiano Tomei
Fornelli d’Italia by Stefania Barzini with Beatrice Segoni

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